Become a freelance hair stylist

At the cutting division, based in Newcastle NSW

Are you considering taking the leap to run your own show as a freelance hair stylist in Newcastle, NSW? The Cutting Division is the perfect platform for those who want to showcase their skills behind the chair but no longer want to work for a boss.

is this you?

Freelance Hair Styling

be your own boss

set your own hours

set your own income

No commission required

How to launch your freelance hair styling business in five easy steps

  1. Reach out by email or DM to let us know we’ve sparked your interest in renting a chair. Tell us a bit about yourself.
  2. Organise to meet up for a coffee. Time to see if we ‘click’!
  3. We’re buddies now, right? Time to sign an Agreement to run your show with us for the next 6 months (and hopefully much, much longer!)….and tell ALL you friends about your new business!
  4. Get yourself a point of sale system (EFTPOS or Square seem to be the go!), a booking system, and a range of colour from your fave company.
  5. Move right in, unpack your tools and tints, grab a coffee from Perry The Feeder, and start creating kickass hair!

(Oh, and until you reach step 4 and give us the green light to scream it from the rooftops, we keep everything 100% confidential. We totally get how tricky exploring the rent a chair world can be!)

Why the cutting division?

You will thrive in the edgy industrial space, and be inspired by the collective of like-minded people you will work shoulder to shoulder with. Working in this space where each of you focus on growing your own business will see you challenge each other and achieve goals you thought were impossible on your own. No commission charged.

Going it alone as a freelance hair stylist, hairdresser or barber is always a big step. Leaving the security of a regular income to set up your own business is a big decision, but at The Cutting Division the hard work has been done for you. You will walk, scissors in hand, into a supportive environment created by experts in design, styling and team development.

We supply almost everything – except your tints, towels and tools! We’ve got you covered for basin products, testers (EVO!), personal salon trolley, cutting chairs and stools, power, water, tunes, mags, and locker. We even provide professional photo shoots.